Great Start Dolphins

Hi Dolphins families!

I wanted to let everyone know that I truly appreciate the support, patience and understanding you have all shown on our first week. With the lower number of swimmers per group per hour we were really able to start off with a smooth introduction to our season.

Our board has done a tremendous job placing all our swimmers into groups and making accommodating changes along the way. It is not an easy task but they continue to try to do what is best for our families and that is what makes our LF2 board so special. It is all about the FAMILIES!

For our first week we went over the most basic skills for freestyle and backstroke and took notes on what our swimmers were capable of at each age and level. From here we can better determine our approach to programming and move our swimmers at the appropriate pace with our baseline assessments. This week we will do the same thing for breaststroke and butterfly and then progress on to more advanced swimming skills in the following weeks.

Don’t forget that you can make up any missed practice on Friday at your regularly scheduled time. Please let me know if you need to take advantage of this option so I can staff each session with the appropriate number of coaches.

By the end of this week we will have completed our evaluations and we will begin to consider making group changes for individual athletes if necessary. Please keep in mind that this is a coach-only decision and we will do what we think is best for the individual and the team. The coaching staff will contact you directly if a change needs to be made. 

I am hoping the weather takes a turn for the better so our kids can enjoy some warmer temperatures. I understand that some of our kids are very sensitive to colder temps and I want you to know that we allow for wetsuits or any other cold weather swim gear while in the water. It may not be the most beneficial for stroke technique but it will help to keep our kids happier in the water which will keep them coming back to learn more and more. Right now our pool is at the perfect temp for swim practice but the air outside sure makes it feel colder! We can do this, kiddos. Hang in there.

During practices we will be utilizing our swimming gear more often. This means that all swimmers will need their swim fins and kick boards. 11 and older athletes will also need paddles and snorkels as well. You can get all your gear at CAS in Irvine or shop online. Please make sure you have all your gear by the beginning of next week.

Thank you again for making this a great start. The coaching staff and I will continue to do our best for our swimmers in order to make this season fun and productive. So far, so good!

See you out there!

Bryan Dedeaux

Head Coach LF2 Dolphins

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