Wednesday FUN DAY!

Hi Dolphins,

This Wednesday, July 21st we will be having a CLOTHES DAY and BELLY FLOP contest! What is clothes day? Well, it is a tradition started when I was a coach for the Colony Red Hots summer swim team where all the kids would show up in a wild outfit or costume of their creation AND SWIM IN IT!! My old summer league team is still doing it and it is truly a blast. Here are the details...

  • Time: Wednesday, July 21st at your regular practice time.
  • What: Wear an outfit or costume of your creation and prepare to swim a few laps in it (please make sure you wear your swim suit underneath).
  • Help: I would like to have a parent volunteer bring popsicles for each group (email me if you would like to help with this part - I need one parent per group).
  • Contest: We will finish each group off with a belly flop (or crazy jump) contest. We will have one winner per group and a final decision at the end of the day will determine the overall winner who will get FRANK, the whale. The overall winner will be announced at the banquet on Sunday.


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